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Commission a Painting

Would like a painting with colors you like?
Just send William an email with the colors you like, what style painting such as a Scroll Painting, a style from the Destruct Art Series such as a Chiffonade or a Tapestry style. Also include the size keeping in mind there can be a size limit up to approximately 8 feet by 7 feet maximum. Also an average store bought curtain rod extends out 84 inches and as you may have noticed William keeps the paintings around 72 inches in width for the curtain rods, that is due to the fact they may bend a little in the middel area over time and anything over that may require a custom curtain rod or some type of rod/pipe to hold the painting.
As a note; curtain rods do have a center support bracket, but it would requier cutting a hole for the bracket to fit in near the center of the painting for the bracket. Also it would show as a bump in the center of the painting at the top.

Contact William: Studio@WilliamHewes.com